The 5 Best Things About Storage For Quilting Supplies? – Read This!

When I first started quilting I was stitching away and made a mistake….where did that seam ripper go? My “sewing area” was a mess.  Everything was all over the room, in little boxes, bins, and overstuffed plastic bins. It was obvious, that atmosphere was not copacetic to creating quality work.

The question I was asking myself was “is there a quality quality sewing units storage unit for quilting supplies and my sewing machine?”

After some researching, I found a sewing table on wheels and thought great, just what I need! The reasons I was drawn to this certain table was and still is pretty simple:

  1. It looks great and fits in any room.  Also being built on casters, I can move it around the room.
  2. It is big enough to store all of my supplies.  I really like the thread holder.
  3. The Slide out storage on the right creates an extra work space and a lower shelf stores your machine when not in use.
  4. The unit has 3 nice large drawers for your material, patterns, rulers, extra bobbins, threads..
  5. The surface area is large enough for larger projects.


I have found that having my own dedicated work area not only keeps me organized, it also helps me focus and energized.  

quilting supplies storage



South Shore Sewing Craft Table on Wheels

 Price:  $255.99 retail
Cheapest Place to Purchase: Amazon
Dimensions: 58″ W, 23.5″ D, 29.5″ H
My rating: 9.00 out of 10


  • The larger top surface has a finish that’s more scratch proof and water resistant
  • Flexible: can be used as a sewing or a craft table
  • The sliding storage module on the right features a small work surface (top) and 2 open storage spaces
  • Made in Canada with non-toxic laminated particleboard
  • Requires complete assembly by 2 adults (tools not included) 5-year limited warranty
 If you have been struggling with moving your sewing machine from room to room, table to table and having your supplies all spread out, I hope this gives you comfort in knowing there is a solution.
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