My thread was a tangled mess, and then some…….never-have-a tangled mess again

It seems that every time I would start a new project I would say to myself  “I will clean up this tangled thread mess later…..” I couldn’t be bothered right then, I had better things to do, like quilt!  What I needed were some sewing thread holders.

As quilters, we have a tendency to collect MANY spools of thread over time.  There have been numerous times that I have used over six colors of thread on just one quilt.  Even the hot pads I make, I usually use two different colors.  Over time these spools seem to multiply all on their own!

I would keep my thread nearby on storage dowels or a few in a basket near me so that I could change them out whenever need be.  I would have to unravel thread from other spools all the time to get to the one I wanted to use, then the loose thread tails would be all over the place.tangles sewing thread

I don’t now how many times I would get up to press a seam or mark a quilting piece and find that I had caught onto one or more loose threads and be pulling it right along with me.  Not only was I wasting good thread, the roller on my vacuum wasn’t too happy with me either and that rolled up thread is not much fun to pick out of the roller…

Then I found PEELS ‘THREAD SPOOL HUGGERS’.  These are really awesome!  They work great at keeping those thread tails under control and they also prevent the thread from losing tension.  They are simple to use and adjust to all sizes of spools, not industrial though They will even fit nicely in storage drawers.

sewing thread holders

                                AVAILABLE ON AMAZON

I now enjoy having my thread and bobbins stored neat and tidy on dowels or in my handy basket next to me without the worry of dragging thread tails all over the room every time I get up, plus my vacuum will have a longer life!

Oh, and they are cute and are made of wonderful colors!

If you have any questions or comments or want to let me know how these peels work for you, please leave a message below and I will get back to you.



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