BEST SEWING MACHINE FOR QUILTING? Singer 7469Q Confidence Quilter – Review

So now you are ready to buy the best sewing machine for quilting!  I know you want to know more aboutthe machine to sew on patterns and fabrics….we will get to that and more.

The machine you chose is exciting too!  It is also your main tool. You will want a machine that you understand and feel comfortable using.  A machine that makes your quilting experience one that you look forward to and can’t wait to get to work creating fabulous items!

Do you need that expensive “Quilting” Machine?

The answer is “no” you do not need to purchase a high priced long arm quilting machine.  I find it hard to justify spending thousands of dollars on one and, where would I put it?  they are huge!!.  They do not make quilting any easier either!

Finding the Right Machine – It’s not as hard as you may thinkQuilting supplies for today

Deciding on a sewing machine can be a bit nerve-racking due to the fact that there are so many makes and models out there.  How do you decide what is the right one for you?  Let’s mull over some things to help ease your mind and help you make your decision.

What to spend?

The best advice I can offer is to stay within your means.  If you are just starting out, do you really need all of those bells and whistles that you may never use?  Probably not.  A few extras are great, as you can grow into them as you advance.

How many different stitches will you use?

Of course, when we sew the quilt top together you will be using the basic straight stitch.  But what about when you quilt?.  I find that I use many different stitches on my quilts.  I use different ones to applique and attach the binding.  Different stitches can add more appeal to a quilt.

What attachments are included?

Singer sewing machine attachments

There can be many different feet used to quilt

The more that come with a machine means the less you have to buy separately!  That is always a plus in my book!  In quilting, you will want a walking foot and a 1/4 inch foot.  If the machine includes an extension table, Hooray!!

Let me introduce you to what I have found to be the ideal machine for my quilting needs!

The Singer 7469Q, a machine built with you in mind, it is suitable for both the beginner quilter and advanced 

 Singer 7469Q – Singer Confidence Quilter 


Price: $280.48 retail

Cheapest place to buy:

Dimensions: 17 x 8 x 12.5 inches

Weight: 22.9 lbs.

My rating: 9.7 out of 10

The Singer 7469Q has many great features:

  • 98 built-in stitches- wow!
  • Extension table- so handy for quilting!
  • 4 different quilting feet- don’t have to buy any!
  • Drop feed for free motion quilting- nice!
  • Automatic needle threading- you will use this lots!

Check it out! It has all the options that we discussed earlier and then some.  It really is a great machine for the price.  One that you will enjoy for years to come.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the comment section below.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!




  1. Hi Kay, your page on your site is very good and very clear. You give very good facts and information on the sewing machine and because you use this same one yourself, you know exactly how it works and what you can all do with it.

    You have gave the right information to people by telling them that they don’t need to go all out and buy everything at the start when they are not sure what they are needing.

    I would certainly let people know about your site with no hesitation at all. The page looks and reads good.

    • Thanks so much. I know I need to keep at work and I will. When you say “let people know” How do I do that. I am just about done with course level 3 so maybe that will be explained in an upcoming lesson.

  2. Hi Kay,

    Nice website,

    I have been interested in quilting but sadly I have not had enough time to research more about it. Your website has given me a bit more info on what I need to look at as for supplies if this is something that I may want to try as a hobby in the next few years.

    Keep up the good work with adding more information.

  3. Hi Kay,
    Finaly the info that I looked for.
    My wife birthday is coming up and she always wanted to sew.
    I want to buy for as a surprise sewing machine and you helped we so much with the info here.
    I will let you know if she liked it.

    • Efi-
      I am pleased that I made your shopping easier for you!. If you are interested in getting her some items to go with her new machine, my post on must have quilting tools might interest you. I sure hope she liked it. Thank you

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