There are numerous places where we can find homemade quilts for sale.  It can be online, in a specialty store, department store, or a local flea market.Homemade Quilts for Sale

The prices of quilts can range all over the board.  An antique quilt will run you far more than a baby quilt.  When we look at the cost of a quilt one needs to take into consideration the size (baby, full, queen…), material, block sizes and sewing difficulty.

Also the quilting aspect. This is the process of sewing the three layer (top, batting, and backing) it may be very detailed or basic.  I would not go as far as to say any type of quilting method is above any other. We must always remember that the quilter put their heart and soul into their creation!

There are many things to take into consideration when purchasing a quilt.  Will it be used on your bed in lieu of a bedspread, or folded neatly on the bottom of your bed?  Will it be on the back of your couch or on your living room wall?  Will it be for the new mother to be, or that special little bundle of joy coming into your life?  Maybe you can find a quilt made with the colors that remind you of a favorite vacation and hang it on a quilting rod.  The reasons to purchase a quilt are numerous as are the choices.


Below I will share with you some items to take into consideration when purchasing a quilt:


  • If you are planning on using your quilt on a bed, you will want to know Quilt sizing for a great fitthe bed’s dimensions.  Here is a graph to go by:



Quilt Sizing for The Best Fit:

Bed Type                     Mattress Size         Best Quilt Size

   Full-Double  54″ x 75″      84″ x 90″
   Queen  60″ x 80″      90″ x 95″
   King  78″ x 80″      108″ x 95″
   California King  72″ x 84″      102″ x 100″
  • What type of fabric to look for?COTTON FABRIC FOR HOMEMADE QUILTS

I am always drawn to 100% Cotton fabric because:

  1. Cotton is hypoallergenic, it will not irritate an adult’s skin, nor a baby’s delicate skin.  Since it is hypoallergenic it is impervious to dust mites and the pollen they carry which can cause allergic reactions.
  2. Cotton is breathable, which adds to the hypoallergenic aspect.
  3. Cotton is environmentally friendly, as well as 100% biodegradable.
  4. Cotton is extremely durable.  It can be washed frequently and still look great.  This is important if we want our quilt to last for years to come and still look new and fresh.
  • What is inside the quilt layers?  An Oreo cookie comes with different fillings, so do quilts!

I usually look for quilts made with one of the following batting’s, or fillings.

Keep in mind that the higher the loft the thicker the quilt, the lower the loft, the thinner the quilt.  This can come into play if you are buying a seasonal quilt.Batting in quilts for sale

  1. Cotton batting – Has a soft comfortable texture, is breathable and also pliable.  Since it usually has a lower loft you will find it mostly in throws and warmer weather quilts.
  2. Polyester batting –  Tends to hold it’s shape due to the higher loft.  Bedding quilts are known to use polyester batting for warmth.
  3. Cotton/Polyester Blend batting – Normally the percentage is 60%/20%.  This batting benefits from the cotton features and also keeps its shape and warmth from the polyester.
  4. Bamboo batting – Produced with our Earth in mind!.  It is relatively new on the market.  Normally it is a blend of bamboo fibers and organic cotton (50%/50%)  Very soft and carries a level loft.


As you have just learned there are aspects to consider when purchasing a quilt.  I hope that this outline helps you in your decision.  I look forward to sharing with you some great places to look for and purchase the right quilt for you.


Much of what I have shared will also come into play in creating your own quilt, which we will learn to do in upcoming sessions.


Thank you for reviewing this introduction.  If you have any question or concerns, please leave a comment below.