QUILTS FOR HANGING – Tired of that old picture?

Are you looking for a way to update your wall decor? The solution is as simple as making a quilt for hanging on your wall!

We have quilts for beds, cribs, sofas, and even dog bed quilts.  Why not try aquilts for hanging in your living room quilt for your wall!!  What a great idea! A beautiful color-rich quilt might be just the answer to replace that old shabby painting you tired of long ago. Not to mention bring a new look and colors into your room. Also, it will bring a new topic of conversation.

How to pick the right size                                                                            

Any size quilt can do the trick.  To “fit” the room it will hang in is your goal. That living room might be just right for the quilt pictured on the right.
You wouldn’t hang a shower curtain on your bathroom wall…nor would you hang a full sized quilt in your bathroom.  Small room equates to small quilt, large room to large quilt. Want to add a splash of color in your bathroom? Why not a small flamingo applique quilt.

How to hang your quiltquilts for hanging in the kitchen

Let’s use some imagination here…. try hanging your quilt on a curtain rod. Simply hang small clamps from the hooks. These come in many sizes and style.  You can also mount a bathroom rack (in any room) and hang one or a few from it.  You may want to purchase wooden shelf with a wooden dowel below.  Another option is *Command damage-free wall mounting kits or Velcro, heck even thumbs tacks will do the job!  There are also simple and easy to put up rods made for hanging quilts.

To hang a quilt in your bathroom or kitchen (as they will be smaller sized) you can put it in a glass frame or shadow box to keep it protected.

I have a flip flop quilt I made hanging on the wall that leads outside to our swimming pool area.  It is so fitting and I get many compliments on it.Hanging Quilts in a stairwell

Any way you choose to hang your quilt….you will have a beautiful fresh new look.  Be sure to display your quilt so all can enjoy it!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the comment section below.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you!




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