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Are you looking to make a fun quilt for the dog lover, the camper or the coffee drinker in your life? Novelty fabrics and quilting go hand in hand with each theme material to sew

I am always drawn to the novelty prints.  I am sure the reason is because these fabrics are whimsical and cheerful.  You can also think of them as fabrics with fun images.  They are suitable for kids of ALL ages.

Also, know as conversational, the motifs or prints are recognized easily by all. The motifs can range from very large to very small.  It may be of one object arranged at different angles or varying images of the same motif splashed around making it a nondirectional print.  If the motif, is of cats sitting in a row, then that is what is known as a directional motif.  If using a directional print be sure to follow the fabric buying guide for that on your pattern as it will take a bit more.

One of my very favorite novelty quilt patterns book is Pat Sloan’s, “What A Novel Idea”.  This book is guaranteed to motivate you to make one.  She gives great insight and ideas.

Novelty or conversational fabrics come in motifs that run from hobbies, animals, movies, sports, and even food!. With so many different motifs available we will never be short on coming up with new creative ideas.

Below are some examples of different fabrics,  come up with some of your own and share them with me.

For the coffee lover – Use motifs of coffee cups, coffee grinders, and coffee beans.

Coffee cup fabric

The happy camper – trailers, smores, hot dogs and stars.

camping trailer material

Sports fan – their favorite team logo, beer mugs, and pretzels.

pretzel fabric

Dog lover– dogs, paw prints, and bones.

dog paw fabric

You get the idea!

The above examples are just the beginning!

Collecting novelty prints on your next vacation is a great idea.  When you visit fabric stores in different areas they often stock material related to that area.  So pick up 1/2 to 1 yard and make a vacation memory quilt.

If you are wondering where you can purchase some fantastic novelty fabric. has a very wide selection at great prices.

I sure hope that you have enjoyed this section on Novelty Quilts.  Below I have included a video to show you how a themed quilt is so much fun to work with.  It is a great quilt project for a beginner.  Good luck and let me know how yours turns out by leaving me a comment below.

Thanks KayL




  1. Just what I was looking for. A good friend’s birthday is coming up and she absolutely loves dogs. I am not that good in making quilts but I would try to make her a small pouch. I was wondering where I could get themed fabric and the link you provided is awesome.

    There are so many cute patterns for dogs – now I am undecided on which one to choose. The selection is endless!

    • Cathy,

      I am so glad I was able to help you!. Yes, there are so many cute dog prints available. A pouch is a great idea, and something she can use everyday. If she has a favorite breed, go with that. I would enjoy seeing your creation…send me a picture when you are finished!

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