Do you know someone that is expecting a baby or just had one?  Are you struggling with coming up withcover those toes with a quilt a unique gift idea?  You may be thinking… What is so unique about giving someone a baby quilt?  The answer is simple, because, you chose the pattern, you chose the fabric and YOU made it.

No need to struggle with coming up with an idea any longer!

So stop scratching your head about newborn baby gift ideas.  The decision has been made!

Every baby is worthy of their very own soft and cozy quilt.  

Wouldn’t it be a thrill for you to know that your personalized creation brings the baby you made it for great comfort and warmth?

What is the Best Fabric for a Baby Quilt?100% organic Cotton. Soft and comfy

Keep in mind when choosing fabric for a baby quilt to look for 100% Cotton Flannel.  Since babies have such sensitive skin we don’t want any unnecessary added chemicals in the fabric that may irritate.  Browse here to see wonderful 100% flannel choices.

As you can imagine any baby’s favorite blankie will be washed and washed and washed again!  The 100% cotton will stand up to many washes.  Hey, you might need to make two quilts so nobody gets upset when the blankie is “in the wash”, just a thought….

Flannel cotton is also very soft, and that is our goal for any baby quilt.  To add a special touch, instead of using regular cotton or even flannel for the binding around the quilt.  I like to use Satin Quilt Binding.satin binding for baby quilts Babies love the feel of the satin and the flannel on their skin.  It also adds texture to the baby quilt.


What Colors of Fabric should you use?baby quilt colors

When we think of baby quilts, especially for a newborn, we tend to lean towards the softer tones of yellows, blues, pinks, green and purples.  These pastel colors are great choices because when we see these pastel colors we think “baby”.

If the quilt is for a newborn and you are making it bassinet size (24″ x 6″) then I would go with the softer colors. White is a nice addition to a newborn quilt,  mix some in with the pastel colors it will make those colors stand out a bit more. Babies grow fast so if you want to add a little more splash go with more vibrant colors and prints and sew a crib (36′ x 60″) or a lap quilt (54′ X 66″)  If you make a larger quilt, they will be able to use it longer.

Also, remember some parents are not decorating their newborn’s room with the traditional pastel colors. Find out if they have a theme. Flannel prints range all over the board.  You will find giraffes, foxes, frogs, cars, flowers and dragons and bugs.

What is the Best Pattern for a Baby Quilt?

I would have to say that there is no “best” pattern because there are oodles of baby quilt patterns that you can make with ease and some you can complete over a weekend.  They are smaller in size so your project goes faster, bonus there!  Need some help understanding a pattern? Learn more here.

Below I have listed a couple of online stores that carry baby quilt patterns and baby fabric, all in one place.  Take a look, I am sure you will find the perfect pattern and fabric to create a very special quilt to welcome that new bundle of joy.

Baby Quilt Patterns


If you would like to watch a tutorial on making an ” Easy Baby Quilt”.

There are more styles of quilts to go over in detail.  Up next Holiday Quilts, I hope you can join us!

Thank you and if you have any questions or ideas please leave them in the box below.




  1. A very nice and well set up page. The quality of pictures is immaculate and the video is a very nice touch! This information is definitely handy for someone looking to make a unique quilt.

  2. This is a very, very good gift idea!
    I was wondering how many of these quilts you’ve made yourself and if you had any other tips for a beginner quilt maker.
    I look forward to seeing other articles to see what else you come up with for this subject. Seeing some of your own projects would be interesting.

    • Thank you. Yes, every baby deserves one!

      I plan on providing as many tips as possible to help others learn all of the different quilting techniques. I have included some of my own projects on a couple of posts and plan and sharing more as I write on various quilting topics.

      If you are looking for an easy project to get started you may want to look at the post on Rag Quilts. They are great for beginners because they are easy to cut and piece.

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