Homemade Quilts For Beginners – Items you will need

I am so happy you want to learn how to quilt!  In Homemade Quilts for Beginners, my goal is not to only teach you the many basic skills and tricks of the trade, but to make sure you have fun too.  After all, it is a hobby and it should be fun and also rewarding.

When I think of quilts I think back to the many soft and comfy quilts my Grandmother and Mother always seemed to have on hand.  They sure made me feel better when I was sick, cold or just tired!  Now that I am a quilter I really appreciate the many hours and dedication they put in to sew something so very special and share it with me.


I am confident that you too will be creating quilts that will bring joy to yourself and others for generations to come!

If you already have a sewing machine, that’s great.  If not, or you are interested in a new one, I will be sharing with you some reviews on different machines.  You will be spending many hours sewing on your machine so it is important that you are comfortable with the way it works for you.

The straight stitch on any machine is going to get a real workout making a quilt.  Before you do the actual “quilting” you have to sew all of those pieces together.


Let’s go over a few items you will need to begin your quilting journey…

We already mentioned a sewing machine.  What else can you think of?  Here are a few items I recommend having before you start.  You don’t want to have to keep running to the store!

  • Scissors I like to have a large pair and a smaller also for those tiny cuts so you don’t damage your material.
  • Rotary Tool (cutter) – This is a very sharp round metal blade on a handle, like a pizza cutter.  It cuts fabric easily.  Actually, I think it is the best thing since sliced bread!
  • Self Healing Cutting Mat – you certainly don’t want to cut with the rotary tool on your dining room table!.  The ruler grid on it helps in cutting accurately.  The 18″ x 24″ is a great starter.
  • Quilting RulersThese too make for more accurate cutting.  I recommend having two.  One 6 1/2″ x 24″ and one 5″ x 12″.
  • Iron and Ironing Board – no need to get fancy here.  If you don’t have one, visit a thrift store or a discount store.  The iron just needs to get hot to press those seams.
  • Pins – I like to use those that are a little longer than your average sewing pins and have a plastic head on them.  They will hold the pieces better and are easier to take out.
  • Sewing Machine needles – either Quilting needles or Universal, I find both work fine.  You will want a few extra on hand in case you break one in the middle of your project.
  • Seam Ripper – yep, for those little mishaps, we all have them!
  • Safety Pins – You will want lot’s of these, collect them over time.
  • Thread – 100% cotton for sewing the pieces together that will make your quilt top.
  • Painter’s Tape – I will share this tip later when we are putting our quilt sandwich together!

(If you need a great sewing/storage table) optional but useful!

I know, you are probably thinking WOW, I need all of that.  Many Craft/Hobby/Fabric stores have coupons you can set up to receive via the mail or on your mobile device.  They usually offer 40%-60% off of the retail price, so that can save you quite a bit.  Please, rest in the fact that all of the above items will last you for years to come.  As you progress and find tricks of your own, you can add to your supply. That is part of the fun!


Start thinking about the size of quilt you wish to create.  Will it be a baby quilt, a quilt for a twin bed, a throw for your sofa? Also, think about what colors or theme you wish to incorporate.

Below are some of my first quilts.  They are pretty simple to cut, sew and quilt.  They can be made in any size you choose.

The quilt below is made with 10/12′ square along with smaller squares, some triangles, and a wide border.

This quilt is made with wide stripes (very forgiving!) and triangles.  As this quilt above it was easy to cut and piece.

This one is called a “rag quilt”.  Very fun to make.  All the blocks are the same size and you can decide what size to make them.


I hope you enjoy getting all of your supplies together before long you will be ready to get quilting!

I am looking forward to teaching you and learning from you as well.


Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Just leave it in the comment box below or email me at Kay@Quiltsfor.com






  1. Hi Kay
    I have many fond memories of my mom spending hours on her sewing machine, a Pfaff I think, and the wonderful creations she designed.Nothing like a homemade quilt. And they can be handed down from generation to generation.
    Again a well written and detailed guide.
    I think its time I invest in some of these materials as I already own 2 sewing machines.

    • Hi Keith,

      I am so happy to hear about your fond memories. Yes! you should start creating your own quilts to pass down. It is a skill and hobby that all can appreciate.

      Time to put at least one of those machines to work! Look at this machine if you are needing to upgrade.

      Please let me know if I can do anything to assist you in getting started.


  2. Hey Kay:

    Good job! In times past, when my children were young and I was not running around so much, I had a fondness for making patch quilts and crazy quilts to recycle old clothes and such. (I was especially fond of making the things out of denim jeans and jackets, old scarves, and t-shirts.) They do grow on you.

    I got my mom into it and it became a bit of an obsession for her. She preferred to buy her fabrics just for the quilts. (At first, her color sense was a bit off and I was the only one who appreciated the work she did and kept encouraging her to keep making more.)

    When she got really good, however, the other siblings and their children put in orders for her “love blankets.” It pleased her tremendously.

    • Hi Netta,

      So great to hear from you. I enjoyed reading your quilting history/story. Yes, quilting can become an obsession very quickly, at least it is a fun one. Quilts are great to make for yourself but as you and your mom learned it is much more rewarding to give them to others.

      I hope to hear that you have picked quilting back up soon. You stated that you like to work with denim. I do as well, it is soft, great for making Rag Quilts. Come back and visit anytime!

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