IRONING BOARDS FOR QUILTERS – Bartnelli 51″ x 19″ Review

pressing made easy - Bartnelli

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While this may not be a daily hot topic for many.  We tend not to give much thought to our pressed clothes and linens.  That thing in the corner of the laundry room, It really isn’t just another closet or extra shelf?  Not anymore!


When we consider ironing boards for quilters, a whole new window opens up when using the Bartnelli Ironing Board.




In order to appreciate today’s options, let’s first take a look back into the history of this sometimes taken for granted apparatus.

The Ironing Boards Historyadvancements made in pressing

Viking woman in the 9th Century would heat rocks and press their linen on flat pieces of whalebone.  I guess they didn’t like wrinkles back then either!.  Early in the 19th Century, European woman used large wooden boards balanced on two chairs to do their pressing.

In 1892 a woman, Sarah Boone designed and patented the “skirt board” the precursor of the what we now consider an ironing board.  It was made of wood but had the shape we recognize today, narrow, and curved.

Skirt Boards Evolve

Manufacturers got on board around 1892.  They designed two legs that could be removed for easy storage.  It was still a bit wobbly until in 1914 when a man by the name of Springer came up with the idea of three support point.  This was great because it added some of the much-needed stability.

Though advancements were coming right along they still had issues with the wooden boards warping. Manufacturers began placing thin metal on top of the wood.

Modern Day Skirt Board

By the mid-1940’s ironing boards were being produced entirely out of metal.  The tops had a metal mesh that allowed the steam to escape.  In truth what we see today as the common ironing board has changed very little since the 40’s.  It is metal, has a top with holes, covered by a pad.  It has three legs and it is collapsible.

Why Use The Bartnelli 51″ X 19″ Ironing Board?

While the common board remains basically the same.  many improvements have been made and are available for us Quilters.

In quilting, there is no getting around pressing.  After the initial washing of your fabric, you will need to press it.  You will need to press all of your small and large seams on the top of your quilt. These seams are an intricate part as they will determine the outcome of your finished project.  If your seams are not pressed firmly or are messy, your blocks will not line up and you may end up with a quilt that not only doesn’t look good to the eye, it won’t be square either.  The finished quilt top will need to be neatly pressed before quilting.

I find that as I get further and further along with any quilt that it doesn’t always keep up.  As you sew more and more pieces together and press all of those seams, sew some more, press some more, you get the idea… the standard board may not stand up well to the added weight and size, it will begin to wobble around.  Also, with one end being narrow, which is great for shirts, but not so much for quilts, I find that pressing the top of the quilt as I sew gets difficult because there is not the same surface width on both ends, so sections of the quilt top get missed.

So with all of this pressing, using a standard ironing board is alright but not the easiest. While the Bartnelli is a bit pricey, I feel that it will pay for itself over time by making the pressing process less stressful.

Stop the Wobbling  –  Press with Less Stress!  

Upgrade to the Bartnelli.  The benefits include but not limited to:

  • The extra weight and sturdy legs ensures stability
  • Multi-layer board cover.
  • Iron Stand on the end frees up more space.
  • 4 Adjustable heights.
  • Extra Wide and Long (19″ x 51″) pressing top.

At the end of the day having a good solid ironing board will indeed make your life easier not only for your quilting but for all of your ironing needs.

Thank you for your time and if you decide to purchase a Bartnelli, please let me know by leaving a comment below.  I am anxious to hear your reviews on it.





  1. Thanks for the history lesson.
    My husband and I need to buy a new board and I didn’t realize how many different kinds there are out there. Ours from 15+ years ago is done!
    The one thing I want is a board that doesn’t sound like a freight train when you open it… You know what I mean? The metal scraping the metal as it opens. Does this one still do that?

    • You are more than welcome!

      Because of the way it is built, solid and sturdy, you won’t hear any freight trains coming down the track! That always bothered me with the cheaper ones too! lol.

      I hope you can give it a try. If you do, please let me know how it is working for you.

      Thanks for visiting my site!


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