In this segment, we will go over how to make a quilt for beginners.  Starting with reviewing some quilt stylesdeciding on a quilt style

Quilting began in the 1700’s, I find it amazing that so many of the patterns and styles have remained in tack today.  While fabrics and techniques have changed the basics have remained embedded in many of the quilts we see today.  No quilt pattern has been known to go “out of style”.


Which Style Will You Choosecan you pick a style easily

Being that there are so many patterns and styles out there, let’s narrow it down and go over my top twelve picks of popular quilt styles being made today.  We can always come back and add to this list after we become familiar and comfortable with the ones listed below.  I would like nothing more than to hear some of your quilts of choice to add to this.

NOVELTY QUILTS – These are very fun to make and give as the motifs are recognized by all.  There are many themes available from animals, Cars, sailboats, sports to even coffee cups and cupcakes.  Novelty prints are available in one way directional ( get extra fabric!) or non-directional where the motifs are scrambles up, down and all around.


BABY QUILTS – Small sized, soft and comfy.  Made with soft flannel, it is a blanket every baby will cherish for years.  You can create one for the crib or cuddle time.something cozy for baby

HOLIDAY QUILTS – Whether it is Halloween, Easter, Saint Patricks Day or Christmas there is a wide variety of 100% cotton available in holiday prints to add that extra pizzazz to the occasion.

RAG QUILTS – Not only are these quilt the newest trend.  They are easy and quick to make and design yourself.

SCRAP QUILTS – No need to toss those scraps from previous projects, save them to use on a scrap quilt.

PATCHWORK QUILTS – Are made by stitching several pieces of multiple fabrics together, usually squares.pieced together squares

CRAZY QUILTS – This style fits right in with the scrap and patchwork quilts but has very little rules on fabric layout.

BIG BLOCK QUILTS – This style is great for the beginner as it calls for large squares of fabric.  It is quick to put together and has a great impact.

TROPICAL/SEASIDE QUILTS – I have to say, this is my favorite style!.  So fun to make and adds a tropical splash to any room.tropical fabrics that stand out

LOG CABIN QUILTS – This quilt is made by sewing strips in sequence around the sides of the square, rotating light and dark colors or tones.homemade cozy quilts

SMALL WALL QUILTS – Cute little quilts to hang on your wall. They will add color and charm to any space.

APPLIQUE  QUILTS – Another of my favorites.  For this, you will be using a fusible web to attach shapes (flowers, shells, letters…) to the top of your finished quilt top.




After you have had a chance to review some of the different styles of quilts, it is time to look into patterns.  This can be intimidating at first.  It is best to start at the beginning and move your way up as your comfort level develops.  You want to be able to read a pattern so that you can make the best decision for you.

Keep in mind, even though there are many choices, the choice is yours, it is choose your styleyour personal creation and it will be extraordinary!

If you have any question or comments please leave them below.

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