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 So you want to learn how to quilt?  Great, you have come to the right place.

Here at Homemade Quilts For Sale, it is my goal to help you learn many different quilting Welcome-to-Homemade-Quilts-For-Saletechniques, as well as help you to develop and create your own style but, more than anything I want you to have fun with your quilting hobby, all it takes is a little imagination!

If you are just getting your toes wet, don’t worry, I will show you the basics you will need to get started. Once you have your basic supplies, we will move on to choosing patterns, fabric, thread, and batting. Sewing the pieces together that make the top of your quilt. I will also give you some tips on choosing the backing for your quilt. Then we will explore the concept of free motion quilting that you can do on any home sewing machine.

We can also explore some ideas on how and where to display your quilts that are fun and innovative.

If you are already a quilter, I hope that you can pick up some fresh ideas and share what you know with the site to help others.  If you are wanting to start your own quilting business, I will share with you some ideas.

I am anxious to share some quilt choices to make for all sorts of occasions.  That new precious baby, like a soft flannel rag quilt. For that special friend, a quilt made with from their favorite colors or favorite animal.  How about a T-Shirt quilt for that crazy teenager. You can make a quilt for a charity event too.  It is clear, there are so many choices…


MY MISSION STATEMENT:always have good ethics


My mission as your host is to listen to your concerns and answer any questions on quilting you may have.  I am also here to inspire, encourage and help spark new ideas. I believe we all learn at different levels, but we are all able to learn.  Together we will grow and inspire each other and develop our quilting skills.


Let’s get Quilting…..


Thanks again, and if you have any questions or concerns please leave me a comment below.