HOLIDAY QUILT IDEAS – What is Your Favorite Season?


There are beautiful and festive fabrics and patterns to choose from to make a quilt of any style for any season throughout the year.  You can make a full-size quilt to drape over your couch, a table runner or a wall hanging to fit the season.seasonal quilting

Let’s go over a few seasonal and holiday quilt ideas.


  • It’s Christmas, time to get out the decorations. It might be cold outside but you can createChristmas Fabric a quilt to snuggle up with inside.  No matter what colors you choose to decorate your home with you can create a quilt to fit your holiday decor. Do you decorate with the traditional reds and greens, or blues and whites or maybe silver and gold?  There are solid fabrics to mix and match and motifs that you can use such as candy canes, reindeer, and snowflakes, also considered by many as novelty prints.  What fun to cozy up near the fire with a cozy Christmas quilt.


Heart Fabric

  • Love is in the air….Make your valentine a quilt that shows your love. Fabrics of pink, red and white with hearts and cupids will steal their hearts. Create a patchwork quilt or a quilt made of heart blocks.  After that romantic dinner, you can cozy up under your quilt together.


  • You might drink green beer…Why notGreen and White for quilts make a green and white toned quilt to celebrate St. Paddy’s day. Put your skills to work making a Shamrock table runner that your guests will admire while gathered at your table.  Both of these ideas are sure to bring you “luck”.



  • Spring has Sprung!  Some of the prettiest quilts feature “springtime”.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the butterflies are fluttering.  Creating a quilt pretty pastel quiltusing the vast array of floral, baby animals, and even fresh vegetable motifs along with the rainbow of solid pastel-colored fabrics, you can bring to life all of these spring wonders.


  • Add your own fireworks display to the summer festivities.  Create a quiltPatriotic and fireworks fabrics made with fabrics having motifs of fireworks, stars, and stripes.  You could use it all year round to display your patriotism. Jazz up a picnic with a quilt using fabrics with hotdogs, hamburgers, ice cream cones and even watermelons on it.  All of these are sure to add to your summertime fun.


  • The nights are getting chilly…The leaves are changing… pumpkins are ready to pick.  Gather the warm fall colors inside your home with quilts made of red,batik fall fabric options orange, yellow and brown fabrics. A beautiful fabric called Batik comes in varied tones of these colors and blends beautifully together to create warm and inviting quilts.  Get your table set for Thanksgiving by adding a table runner made with apples, pumpkins, leaves and turkey motifs.


All of these are sure to add year-round fun and style to your home or others.  Of course, there is no need to feel you need to stay within the “known” holidays when creating a quilt.  You can celebrate anything you want, add something special to any day or occasion.

Use your Imagination!

Make a birthday quilt using motifs of cupcakes, candles, and balloons.  Do you know someone getting married soon?.  Explore fabrics with motifs of wedding rings, roses, lace and even the wording “I do”.

There are so many fun ideas out there, we just have to start looking.

I am confident that any quilt you create is going to be beautiful, and extra special.

After you finish your quilt, please take a picture and share it here in the comment area with the rest of us.  I look forward to hearing from you.


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