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The answer to hanging your quilt on a wall


So you finished your new quilt….. or you came across one you’ve been meaning to do something with…Maybe you have been puzzled on what is a great way to display this creation,  How about hanging it on the wall?  Too much work? Absolutely not, let’solve this puzzle……




Product: Hang It Dang It C63104

The Hang It Dang It quilt hanger

Easy way to hang quilts on a wall

Price: $38.46 retail

Cheapest Place to Buyamazon.com

Size: 1.2 x 1.5 x 36.4 inches

Quilt wall hanging rod

The one nail approach to hanging a wall quilt

Made of: Heavy-duty, anodized aluminum

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10

(image enlarged at amazon.com)



No need to make your own sleeve!

Product: Quilters Hangup Pleated Quilt Sleeve

Quilters Hangup Pleated Quilt Sleeve

Simply attaches to the backside of any quilt

Cheapest place to buy: Amazon.com

Price: $10.74 retail

Material: Natural muslin




The Hang It Dang It, Product Overview

So you finished your new quilt….. or you came across one you’ve been meaning to do something with. How about hanging it on the wall?  Too much work? Absolutely not, and let’s see why….


There are many ways to hang your quilts on a wall. I started researching to find some the ultimate and easy to use quilt hanging rods.  In my search, I found the Hang It Dang It QuiltHanger.  Did I have my doubts? of course. Was it going to work they way I imagined and as the company claimed? Well, I had to find out. Besides, the name of it is fun!


I recently finished a beach scene applique quilt and placed it on the back of my sofa….well, it just doesn’t do it justice. it just wasn’t right.  Since this quilt consists of a full beach scene it needed to be displayed as such.


The above situation cemented my decision to purchased the Hang It Dang It and I want to share my experience with you.  In this review, I will discuss how the Hang It Dang It amazon.com works, how easy it is to install and even some issues you may run into with it.  I will also share what others have experienced.


I must say I have been pleased with the quality of this innovative product.  The price was great.  They claim that it is easy to install, well, they were correct.  I was able to put up my Hang It Dang It all by myself and you only need one nail I didn’t end up with nail holes all over my wall from trying to match things up.  My quilt is up, hanging straight and no hardware showing to draw attention away from my quilt.

How Does the Hang It Dang It work:

Solutions for walll quilts

Simple, easy to use rod quilt hanger

The rod simply slides into a sleeve sewn to the backside of your quilt.  You can make your own or purchase one when you decide to order the Hang It Dang It.Amazon.com  It comes with a black clip that you place in the center of the rod over the sleeve.  You then simply hang it on a nail, picture hook or a command strip. NO TOOLS!!! (alright, maybe a hammer)

It will not, in any way damage your quilt.  After all the work you have done, that is the last thing you want to happen.  You can hang up to a 40 lb quilt without worry.  It is self-leveling and comes in a variety of adjustable sizes.  I feel that that the 35″ to 63″ model works best as most of my quilts are in that size range.  Yours may differ, but the choices are there. amazon.com

Some have complained that their quilt doesn’t “hang straight”.   Sometimes our quilts are heavier on one side due to thicker batting in one area or the quilt is not perfectly square. There is a fix for this.  You can move the hanger bracket to the left or right.  Of the customers that have purchased the Hang It Dang It, 82% have given it five-star rating.  That is good in my book.

Finish up that quilt, or get that one out that you have been meaning to do something with and Hang It Dang It.


I hope that you have enjoyed this review.  If you have any questions about the Hang It dang It or wish to leave your own personal review, please leave a comment below.


Thank you









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