Choosing colors that make you feel good.

I know that in my busy, hectic life there are times that I need to relax and feel comfortable and relax and get comfortableCozy.

This is when I enjoy the soothing effects that a quilt created from neutral and earth tones can come into play.

Colors of quilts can be any and all!  Let’s talk about soothing colors here…


Neutral tones are usually not on the color wheel.  They include black, gray, ivory, taupe, white and beige. They are most often without color but sometimes have faint undertones of blue, gold, peach, pink, tan and yellow.  When paired with bolder colors they tend to “pop” out at us.using neutral colored fabric for quilts

Earth tones are just that.  They follow suit of our forests, sky, meadows and beaches.  They are the subdued or matte colors of brown, tan, gray, green and blue.using earth colored fabrics for quilts


Notice that some of the colors overlap between the neutral and earth tones.  This makes sense as they all are included in what we have come to think of as “natural” colors.

When you are looking for that perfect quilt fabric let your mind wonder to the great outdoors. One of my favorite combinations is muted greens, muted blues, and ivory – sea glass –  then add in some soft tan and beige =  sandy beach! Can you picture it?


Now it is time to get your creativity flowing….let me know some of your favorite earth and neutral (natural) tone combinations that give’s you that comfortable, relaxed and cozy feeling.


What could you create using these?            Amazon

Soothing colors for a quilt

I look forward to hearing about your creative thoughts!



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