quilt color ideas


There is an abundance of choices when it comes to choosing colors for your quilt.  The colors of quilts vary immensely and the choices are completely up to the quilt creator.

Will your quilt be showcased in your living room, bedroom, baby room or will your finished quilt be a gift?

If your goal is to create a quilt that provides a relaxed and calm feeling, choose cool colors in the blue, green and purple families.

If your goal is to create a quilt that is more dramatic and exhilarating, go with the warm colors, red, yellow and orange.

Keep in mind……that you can play with the tone of any color as well. The tone is the lightness or darkness of a color.

Some quilters prefer to follow the Color Wheel. Using complementary colors that are the ones opposite on a color wheel to create a quilt that is well- defined and eye catching.

Whatever colors you choose, let your own passion guide you.  After all. your quilt is your crecolor wheelation.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.  I would appreciate any ideas you have as well.




  1. HI, thank you for this article, it gives me a bit of idea to work with. Plus, I would like to give some idea as well.

    Changing the colour according to the season will give impact as well. If you want to reverse the gloomy effect of winter, maybe bright and striking colours will help to lift the mood.

    Thank You

  2. I love quilts!! There is something so inviting and comforting about them. I’m an extreme amateur when it comes to quilts, but their uniqueness is part of the fun.
    I am a huge fan of muted earth tones, but I also want to make sure it maintains a neutral pallet, but has a soothing effect. What colors would you recommend?

    • Jonelle S,

      Hello, and thank you for comment. Yes, quilts are very inviting and comforting and can be very unique. I am so pleased that you asked about “muted earth tones”. These earth tones are not included on the color wheel as they are considered to be without color, but sometimes with undertones of blue, gold, peach, pink, tan and yellow.

      There are many combinations that harmonize well. Some I would suggest include:

      Taupe, cream and muted plum. A little black or soft grey will make these muted tones pop more.

      Sea glass tones of green, blue and white.

      Muted coral, mint, darker tone of mint, light chocolate, cream and a splash of soft yellow.

      I hope these combinations gives you some ideas to try!


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